Learn Arabic Anytime, Anywhere!

Students can choose from a variety of topics such as arts and music, travelling around Jordan and more. Whatever your interests may be, we are here to help. Please see upcoming courses that will be coming soon.

Introducing Yourself

This course has been specifically designed for you to learn how to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation with an Arabic native speaker. You will practice how to state your name, age, educational background, and nationality, country of residence and country of origin. This is an essential course for anybody who wants to start learning the local dialect.

Work & School

This course has been created for students who would like to learn how to speak and discuss their education and career in the local dialect. This course is especially ideal if you are planning to visit, study, work or invest in an Arab country.

Travelling around Jordan

This course will provide you with all the words and phrases you need in order to make the best of your travels in Jordan. You will learn how to converse and use the right words and phrases to book tours, hotels, taxis, buses, and other transportation. You will also learn how be able to express in order to easily to get to sites and major tourist attractions, as well as buying souvenirs.

The Supermarket

This is one of our most popular courses, especially among learners who live in Jordan. In this course, you will learn how to interact and speak with grocery shop owners, how to exchange currency and how to inquire about the names of the most commonly bought supermarket items.

The Vegetable & Butcher Shop

This is another preferred course, especially among foreign students and employees who reside in Jordan. You will learn how to interact and deal with vegetable and butcher shop owners, how to exchange currency and the names of popular vegetables and meats.

Art & Music

This course is designed for anyone who appreciates arts and music, and is intended for anybody interested in the arts and music scene. Whether you are a painter, sculptor or just an avid art collector or admirer, this course offers a lot of interesting conversation. It has also been developed for those who play musical instruments or for anyone who just simply appreciates the sound of music. Be it painting, drawing or rock, pop, classical music, or any other genre, we are sure to strike up a stimulating conversation with you in the Jordanian dialect.