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  • Customized one- to- one private lessons that meet your specific language needs.
  • Highly skilled instructors who add a personal touch as they help you develop the motivation and confidence you need in order to enhance your capabilities.
  • A service that is convenient and affordable, incorporating informal and fun learning methods all from the comfort of your own home or office. Learn anytime, anywhere!

Yes, very much so. One of our goals at is to reconnect Arab emigrants with their Arab roots and help familiarize children with their culture, through teaching them the Arabic language. This in turn will help them communicate better as they strengthen the bond with their families abroad and with their homeland. 

Yes we do. It’s simple, all you have to do is check the topic of interest and click on it. We also offer one-to-one customized lessons that coincide with your current level of language proficiency and your selected topics of interest. 

Yes, we do. These days parents who bring up their children abroad tend to struggle with their kids when it comes to getting them to speak in their native Arabic. Therefore, when living abroad, whether in the Arab Gulf region or in the West, children who don’t practice their Arabic are very likely to forget it with time. That’s why we focus on encouraging children to get to know and love Arabic as we help them practice and strengthen their skills.

It absolutely is. Our platform is a safe and monitored environment where children feel comfortable interacting and engaging with our adult instructors, who understand that the safety and happiness of your child comes first.

You can start as soon as you register. Start your free trial today. One -to- one Lessons

Sure, choose your instructor and then refer to his or her schedule to check their timings and availability.

Each lesson has one student. All our courses are one -to -one session that take place online between you and your selected instructor.

You can book as many hours as you want per week. 

We offer Arabic lessons for all levels of Arabic whether you are in the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

No, there is no official test to start your lessons; your lessons will depend on your level, which your instructor will assess once you start your courses.

Students can start lessons after 48 hours from the booking date to give time for your instructor to prepare the lesson.

There is no universally accepted theory on how a person learns a second language.  At our philosophy is that you need to learn spoken Arabic first, before reading and writing, because learning the spoken language or local dialect, (also known as Amiyah), is much more useful and practical for people who travel and need to interact with locals, or for those who want to reconnect with their Arab roots.

That would depend on the amount of time in which you engage with your Arabic instructor or Arabic speakers, as well as how many lessons you take, and how much effort, time and dedication you put into learning and practicing the language, and most importantly your levels of motivation and enthusiasm.

It’s true that a detailed understanding of grammar is essential for many languages; however that’s not the case for the Arabic dialect.  Basic knowledge of grammar is good enough in order to start conversing. At, we strive to help you pick up the necessary skills and vocabulary you need to start speaking and conversing in Arabic with ease and confidence.

Yes we do if you prefer to take the MSA, we have chosen to specialize in teaching the local dialect (also known as Amiyah), which once practiced is fun and easy to learn, enabling learners to start conversing and engaging immediately with other Arabic speakers.

The truth is that no one anywhere in any Arab country has conversations in Modern Standard Arabic.  Most Arabs will understand you if you speak formal Arabic, but you will not be able to understand them in return, making simple conversations nearly impossible. Many foreign students study formal Arabic for years at universities. However, once they travel to Arab countries, they face disappointment as they struggle to speak and make basic conversation with native speakers.

We recommend the Jordanian dialect, because it’s easy to learn and is very close to Modern Standard Arabic, therefore, wherever you go in the Arab region, you will be easily understood.

Yes, absolutely. We recommend that you use all the material you find so as to enhance your speaking ability.

You're free to choose how you make use of the lessons on this site.  You can listen to the free videos and repeat them, or you can download the documents and use them later, better yet, we encourage you to do both. We have lessons in video style, with downloadable material.  You can choose from the title of the video to be used later.

We are trying to download new content on a weekly basis.

Yes, we offer a free trial which gives you the chance to try out our platform, choose your instructor and allows you to assess whether you are interested in continuing with new lessons.

We respect all religions and political parties, but we are not linked in any way to any religious or political organization.

In this case, you should contact our team with an email 24 hours in advance before the scheduled class, stating that you need to cancel the class and change the date.