Who We Are

Shurfah is a Jordanian educational initiative that offers Arabic learners convenient and affordable two- way conversational Arabic lessons in the easy to learn Jordanian dialect.

Our online Arabic conversational lessons are provided by professional instructors through one- to -one guided interactive tutorials. 

At Shurfah we are passionate about the Arabic language and communication; we believe that conversation is an art form that should always be enjoyable and constructive.



Practice makes perfect! We believe that conversational skills must be learned, practiced and developed in order to be mastered.  Our goal is to teach you how to converse easily with native Arabic speakers in an enjoyable informal manner. Whatever your reason for wanting to practice and master your Arabic language conversational skills, it’s our job to get you there.



To revive the teaching and learning of the Arabic language by offering students an easy to learn central Arabic dialect provided through live conversational lessons. Our dream is to equip Arabic learners with the necessary skills they need in order to help them speak Arabic with confidence.