Who We Are

Shurfah is a Jordanian educational initiative that offers online customized and convenient One-to-one Arabic lessons and courses to learn Levantine dialect.

Our online One-to-One Arabic conversational courses and lessons are provided by professional instructors through guided interactive tutorials. 

At Shurfah we are passionate about the Arabic language and communication; we believe that conversation is an art form that should always be enjoyable and constructive.



We will teach you how to converse easily and confidently with native Arabic speakers, whether in Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) or in the spoken Arabic/ Levantine dialect. Whatever your reason for wanting to practice and master your Arabic language conversational skills, it’s our job to get you there. Our Arabic language services carter to Students of Arabic, expats living in Jordan and other Arab countries, as well as Arab children living abroad, who need to connect to their roots, culture and need to speak Arabic. All our lessons are taught online through customized interactive one-to one lessons, as well through videos and courses. 



To revive the Arabic language learning process by making it enjoyable, easy, convenient and affordable.