9 Remarkable Facts about Arab Culture

Arab culture dates back to thousands of years and encompasses some of the most extraordinary achievements and creativity in the history of mankind. From literature, sciences and medicine, to spreading out the poetic Arabic language; Arab culture has a lot to be proud of.

Here are 9 interesting facts about this rich culture:

  1. Arab culture dates back to thousands of years since the very first Arab societies and civilizations.
  2. Arab culture can be distributed in different areas: North Africa, the Levant, and the Arabian Peninsula.
  3. Arabic literature appeared around the 6th century, with poetry and story-telling being primarily verbally acquired and memorized from past generations.
  4. Proceeding Islam, poetry used to be the primary method of communication for the Arab peoples.
  5. Arabic music emerged mainly from the city of Cairo, which has long been the cultural and entertainment hub of Arabs.
  6. Arabic dances and folk dances differ from one region to the other in the Arab world.
  7. Family is one of the most significant features in Arab culture and society.
  8. Arab weddings always include a big amount of extended relatives and friends of friends.
  9. Arab generosity and hospitality are prevalent and remain essential parts of the Arab culture.